We make our research publically available through scientific papers and long-form theses. Feel free to download our works and do not hesitate to contact us if you need any information beyond what is written here.

Journal Articles

We make our papers available to the general public by publishing all preprints on the Physics arXiv.

  1. S. Snigirev, A. J. Park, A. Heinz, I. Bloch, and S. Blatt
    Fast and dense magneto-optical traps for strontium
    Physical Review A


Master’s Theses

A Master’s thesis in our group represents a full year’s worth of work in the lab. All theses describe significant original work by the author and are meant to be useful to other researchers in our field.

Bachelor’s theses

A Bachelor’s thesis in our group focuses on a specific technical topic that may be of interest to other researchers in our field. The work described in such a thesis spans ten weeks from the first day in the lab to the day the thesis is handed in.